Monday, June 27, 2011

Home and Kitchen Decor

One of the reasons we enjoy episodes of The Barefoot Contessa so much is due to the immaculate and orderly kitchen she works in. Whether she is filming in the kitchen in her home, or the new addition in the "barn", the style is consistent: French-inspired, orderly, and simply chic. We recently visited a home-decor boutique which sold kitchenware, kitchen accessories, and dinning essentials. The fine detail and attention that each piece displayed added to its character. Many of the items in the boutique had multiple uses and purposes. A drinking glass has the potential to double as a cup holding a trifle or parfait. Another great idea would be placing a bunch of Ina's cheese straws in one of the cups for a cocktail party.
This boutique also displayed plates, bowls, and other colorful yet simple accessories. As Ina always mentions: the design of a room, table top, or kitchen should be simple with a few statement pieces scattered about. Here are a few photographs of some of those statement pieces:

Tall, decorative glasses:

A simple, colorful throw:

Bars of soap, wrapped in wax paper:

Lime-green statement chair:

Light fixtures made of layered cardboard:

Colorful doorknobs for an added touch of color:

Beautiful, classic, etched glasses:

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